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Why Work With All Cov­ered Painting

What is the most impor­tant thing to you when hir­ing a con­trac­tor? Some­one you can count on to do a great job? Some­one who cares about your home? Some­one who is reli­able?

We at All Cov­ered Paint­ing not only care about doing a great job for our clients, we aim to sur­pass your expec­ta­tions. Some of our indus­try lead­ing attrib­ut­es include:

  • Car­ing about our employ­ees (high pay, safe work envi­ron­ment, health insurance)
  • Great Cus­tomer Ser­vice (excel­lent com­mu­ni­ca­tion, reli­able, responsive)
  • We only use the best paints and products
  • 7‑Year War­ran­ty
  • In busi­ness 10 years (20 years in the industry)
  • Ful­ly licensed, bond­ed & insured
  • Clean job site

Not only will you have an excel­lent new paint job, we aim to give you the best expe­ri­ence of hav­ing your home painted.

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